Iron Earth Canada

IRON EARTH™ Solution

Our team at IRON EARTH™ Canada has developed a fast acting liquid solution to deliver immediate benefits. IRON EARTH™ Solution is a liquid organic product that can be conveniently used in foliar and spray applications.

IRON EARTH™ Solution can be mixed with soil or top dressed. The concentrated product allows the grower to manipulate and use higher concentrations in problematic areas. Full strength solution is 40% humic acid and 70% fulvic acid. It is recommended the solution be diluted by at least a factor of 10, preferably 15 or higher.

One gallon of IRON EARTH™ Solution can be diluted up to 40 times for coverage

The liquid solution can be applied by:

IRON EARTH™ Solution can be used in conjunction with our granular IRON EARTH™ Soil Re-mineralizer. The solution will give the grower the immediate benefit of coating the root base with a boost of humic and fulvic acids, while the granular soil re-mineralizer will continue to break down and recondition depleted soils. IRON EARTH™ Solution will provide visible results quickly while IRON EARTH™ Soil Re-mineralizer will provide long-term soil sustainability and quality soil health year round. 

Benefits of using IRON EARTH™ Solution include:

Product Analysis:


General application rates: 1 gallon diluted 40 times per acre in order to achieve substantive results.

Hydro and small plant spray systems: 1 gallon diluted 10-20 times to feed approximately 500 plants.

Foliar application: 2 – 3 applications per growing season is recommended for row crops and forages.

  1. Plants need to be just past the seedling stage, about 25% coverage of the ground before the first application.
  2. Second application is usually just before flowering, or just before the onset of the reproductive stage of the crop.
  3. The third application would be early in the grain fill or fruit/vegetable sizing stage.

Forage application: For forages which are cut more than once per year a foliar treatment in the spring and after each cutting should occur when the plants have grown back to cover 1/4 to 1/3 of the ground (alfalfa, clovers), or when grasses reach about 7 cm in height.

Ornamental or high cash value vegetable crops application: Foliar treatment intervals from 2 - 4 weeks are effective.

Lawn application: Treatment every 4 - 8 weeks is recommended (3 – 6 oz. liquid / 1,000 sq. ft.) diluted up to 40 times for coverage.

Applying with Liquid Fertilizers: IRON EARTH Solution may be incompatible with some liquid fertilizers, particularly those with neutral to acidic pH. It is recommended that a jar test be carried out to ensure compatibility prior to making a tank mix.

Dilution for spray application: IRON EARTH Solution can be sprayed at full strength, however we do not recommend it. Most applications will require additional liquid in order to obtain coverage. We recommend that IRON EARTH Solution at full strength be diluted by at least a factor of 10, preferably 15 or higher. Additional circulation or agitation will not be required, even at very high dilution rates. One
gallon of IRON EARTH Solution can be diluted up to 40 times for coverage.

Cleanout: In order to remove traces of IRON EARTH Solution from tank bottoms, lines, nozzles etc. it is recommended that the system be flushed / circulated with clear water for approximately 5-10 minutes after the last application of the day. The thin film of IRON EARTH Solution will not “pack” in the system or plug nozzles or screens but may remain as minute loose particles in areas of low velocity as treatment comes to an end. Flushing will remove these traces and leave tanks clean and ready to use for the next application.