Iron Earth Canada

IRON EARTH™ Solution

A 1 gallon bottle of IRON EARTH™ Solution Ready-to-use.

Our team at IRON EARTH™ Canada has developed a fast acting liquid solution to deliver immediate benefits. IRON EARTH™ Solution Ready to Use is a liquid organic product that can be conveniently used in spray applications, mixed with soil or top dressed.

IRON EARTH™ Solution Ready to Use is derived from a soluble humate powder, delivering humic and fulvic acids in a liquid solution. It is a soil supplement that improves the physical condition of soil and indirectly benefits plant health.

IRON EARTH™ Solution aids in balancing soil pH and makes micronutrients readily available to plants.

The liquid solution can be applied by:

IRON EARTH™ Solution can be used in conjunction with our granular IRON EARTH™ Soil Re-mineralizer. The solution will give the grower the immediate benefit of coating the root base with a boost of humic and fulvic acids, while the granular soil re-mineralizer will continue to break down and recondition depleted soils. IRON EARTH™ Solution will provide visible results quickly while IRON EARTH™ Soil Re-mineralizer will provide long-term soil sustainability and quality soil health year round.

Benefits of using IRON EARTH™ Solution Ready to Use include:

Soluble Powder Product Analysis:


General application rates: Pour Iron Earth Solution Ready to Use directly onto the soil around the plant at the drip line as directed below. Use at the beginning of growing cycle, after transplanting or to improve physical condition of soil. Apply 3 times per growing season. For indoor plants treat every 6-8 weeks.