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Soil Re-mineralizer

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IRON EARTH™ is an organically approved soil re-mineralizer, also known as "rock dust, rock flour, rock powder, stone dust, garden dust or mineral fines". Add IRON EARTH™ to your soil to grow healthier plants, trees, shrubs, grass and delicious fruit and vegetables packed with minerals and other essential nutrients!

  • Contains up to 76 organically bound earth elements
  • 37% humic acid content
  • Rejuvenates mineral deficient soil
  • Contains no additives or chemicals
  • Approved for organic use by CSI

30 lb pail - 450-500 flower pots or individual plants, 450 small trees or 3000 sq. ft. when broadcast.

4 lb bag - 45-50 flower pots or individual plants, 45 small trees or 300 sq. ft. when broadcast.

0.5 lb bag - 5-8 flower pots or individual plants, 5 small trees or 40 sq. ft. when broadcast.

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