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Caring for Soil, is to Care for Ourselves

A profile image of healthy soil with vibrant green grass by MerileyR

I read a fantastic article last week about the connection between our physical health and wellbeing and that of the soil we use to grow our food. The author breaks down those connections and reinforces the value and benefit of simply listening to what nature is trying to tell us. We only need to listen.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Human and soil health are connected
  • The human body needs biological diversity which comes from the food we eat, which in turn comes from the soil it's grown in
  • Herbicides, fungicides and pesticides used in agriculture deplete that biological diversity and the nutrients in our soil
  • These same chemicals destroy the fungi and good bacteria our bodies require
  • Studies have shown a measured difference in phytonutrients of crops grown in soil with pesticide and those grown in regenerated healthy soil
  • If soil bacterial diversity is sterilized then our own bacterial diversity is sterilized – cause and effect
  • To regain that biological diversity our bodies need to heal, we need to heal the soil by mimicking nature in our agricultural practices 


"Agriculture was never the problem—it is the solution. Farmers who practice regenerative agriculture are rebuilding organic matter and giving it new life."


If you're reading this, you care about where your food comes from and so do we. That's why we've packaged an all natural, chemical free, organic certified soil-remineralizer. Use it to rejuvenate the lost minerals in your soil, to grow healthy, delicious produce packed with essential nutrients. 



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Image Source: Patrick Emerson