Iron Earth Canada

IRON EARTH™ natural plant fertilizer is
EASY to use!

General Application of IRON EARTH™

IRON EARTH™ adds nutrients and humate back into the soil and the plants.

IRON EARTH™ Soil Re-mineralizer can be added to indoor and outdoor plants, trees, bushes, grapevines, as well as your lawn! Great results in your vegetable garden without eating any chemicals whatsoever!

IRON EARTH™ adds minerals and essential fulvic and humic acids to the soil at the location of the plant's root system. 

Helpful Hint

There is a 1 oz. scoop inside each 4 lb. bag of IRON EARTH™

*1 scoop = 2 tablespoons

Each 4 lb. bag supplies 45 individual plants. 

Add IRON EARTH™ to the soil as follows: